We are super excited to announce that our philanthropic foundation ‘Cause Beautiful’ is live as of today. Cause Beautiful is a 501(C) 3 Nonprofit foundation that empowers individuals to cause change through photography.
Leading the charge is** Luanne Dietz,** and Emmy Award winning photojournalist who previously worked as a photo editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.
We are launching with an arts initiative called The W.H.Y. Project which stands for ‘we hear you.’ They W.H.Y. Project has partnered with schools in both SF and Oakland to provide urban youth the opportunity to use mobile photography and storytelling to create change in their communities as well as in their own lives.
We’d love your help in spreading the word about what we’re doing.
Thanks so much for being a part. Make sure to sign up for the Cause Beautiful newsletter and find out all the happenings around our upcoming events and projects.